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Dolphins Squad

Swimmer's in Dolphins are:

  • working towards State Championships

  • working towards QLD School Swimming Championships

  • competing at Regional and Club Open Meets

  • competing for places in the Nudgee College GPS Swimming Team

  • training 3-6 sessions per week (as directed by Miki Musha)

  • being taught about 'how to train' and 'how to race'

  • performing poolside dryland Athletic Development training

  • aged 8-12yrs

All members of this squad must have the following kit:

  • Fins (DMC Fins are the best)

  • Finger Paddles (Speedo)

  • Snorkel (Vorgee from pool office)

  • Band (one band to be supplied by Club, $1 to get a replacement)

  • Kickboard

  • Pull Buoy

  • 1L Drink Bottle

  • Nudgee College Swimming swim cap (can be purchased at the pool office)

Please contact for more information 

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